Title and name attributes in HTML anchors

04 March 2010 | HTML tags and attributes,SEO

How does Google currently process title and name attributes in HTML anchors?


<a title=”sweet link!” name=”nice name!” href=”page.html”>foo</a>


title = not processed by Google (please keep in mind that it could be useful for other engines or applications)


name = not processed for ranking/content relevance, but can be utilized for understanding page structure (such as with JavaScript functions)


Thanks to Joachim Kupke (super nice guy) for checking the code to provide clarification.

4 Responses to “Title and name attributes in HTML anchors”

  • 1 Pablo Almeida Says:

    I use it, and will continue using…

    Maybe today wasn’t very important in Google, but it is likely that one day it might have. Moreover, there are other search engines, as you said.

    I’ll only stop use this when a negative effect on my position! :)


  • 2 Google's Heisenberg Problem | Blind Five Year Old Says:

    [...] Google tell us meta keywords are really dead? Or that they don’t process Title attributes? Or that domain diversity is really important? Sure, we’ll still have those who postulate [...]

  • 3 Sean Ruiz Says:

    Hi again, does this include the title attributes of HTML ABBR and ACRONYM elements?


  • 4 Vipul Says:

    Yes, i completely agree. Google doesn’t give any importance to Title and Name attributes in HTML anchors and it should not be to keep spamming in control.

    But both can be used for other purpose like Title for better user experience and Name attribute can be used for client side codding.


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