Cheap vodka + Brita filter = top shelf ?

Genius! I laughed for about a minute straight when I heard the idea. It’s alchemy made lowbrow, pseudo logic at its finest. My friend, Kevin, provided this official review:


1. “So we thrice Brita’d the best vodka $8 could buy.”
2. “It definitely went down easier.”
3. “But man, the hangover feels like the cheap stuff.”


Kevin and Shane were visiting from SoCal. We hit up the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition at Fort Mason. It’s similar to a frat party for grown-ups.


san francisco wine competition

DateRank: PageRank for singles

DateRank: noun. An authoritative gauge of the guy/girl sitting in front of you that’s far more accurate than your hopes or pre-conceptions.

In the uncertain world of dating in the city, where you often know very little of your date’s background, people find it reassuring to meet friends of the person they’re dating. First of all, phew, your date has friends! Second, it’s truly affirming if your date’s friends are people you could imagine being friends with as well. It’s like hoping that they have quality inbound links.

Last week as Vanessa and I made our way home from the Beauty Bar, she coined this concept as DateRank™. While perhaps dehumanizing and unromantic, the parallels between DateRank and PageRank remain numerous.


DateRank PageRank
“He has really cool friends.” Quality inbound links
“His friends… let’s just say they’re questionable.” Links to bad neighborhood
“Eh, we’re friends, but I don’t know her that well.” rel=”nofollow”


Other dating signals Other ranking signals
Name-dropping Keyword stuffing
Repetitive/monotonous Duplicate content
Looking for a meal ticket Made for Adsense

Schooled by Engineering Barbie

“Know first who you are; then adorn yourself accordingly.”


That’s the start of Tim Gunn’s novel “A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style.” I recently learned of Gunn from his critique of the fashion sense of Mario and Luigi.


I read Gunn’s book because tomorrow I’m doing a keynote panel at SES London and I still have no clue what to wear. My brother-in-law recently emailed me that Computer Engineer Barbie will soon be released. “Perfect,” I thought, “she will be my new fashion mentor.”

Photo from Gizmodo.

So looking at this pic I realize that my idea is fairly improbable. Engineering Barbie is far more skilled than me:

  • Either that’s her screensaver or she can interpret binary
  • She owns a cool bluetooth headset
  • That’s a lot of color and sparkle for the office


Engineering Maile:

  • Prefers reading high-level languages
  • Still wears a retainer to bed
  • Dresses to blend in

The panel is tomorrow. I can’t wait. 🙂

How to make a blood orange sidecar

I may die being better with a shaker than I am with an oven.

Ingredients for 1

Sugar (for the rim of the glass)
Orange slice (for garnish)
1.5 oz Cognac/brandy
.75 oz Cointreau (I made several, and we liked Cointreau over TripleSec)
.5 oz Fresh squeezed blood orange juice (this requires about one orange)

Agh. Inconsistent sig figs!


  1. Frost glass by first rubbing orange slice around the rim (it’s cute! it’ll be a dark pink color.)
  2. Dip rim into a plate of sugar
  3. Fill shaker with ice
  4. Add cognac/brandy, Cointreau, and orange juice to shaker
  5. Shake it like a Polaroid picture!
  6. Strain into glass
  7. Done and done.

    This recipe was adapted from InStyle magazine, December 2009.