One serious strike out

Lately I’ve worked long hours to help with Google TV in addition to Search. While I truly love my job, I also very much love not working, and perhaps I’ve been a little too heads down recently.


Anyway, this one belongs in my trophy case.


Boy: Are you here by yourself?

Me: Yes, but only right now. I’m waiting for my girlfriend. I mean, not my “girlfriend,” but my friend from childhood. She’s a girl.
Good save, Maile!
What about you?

Boy: I’m here for a company thing. It’s a coworker’s birthday.

Me: How fun that you’re all friends! What company?
Ugh. I shouldn’t have asked about his job. Now I probably sound like I’m sizing him up.

Boy: Zynga.

Zynga? Yay! This is so perfect. I have lots of Zynga questions for Google TV. This is perfect perfect perfect!
Me: Zynga. That’s great. Hey, are most of your games in Flash?

Boy: I think so.

Hmm, “think so?” I wonder what he means. Maybe I should change the subject. I could ask him if he likes his cocktail, or what he’s drinking, or if he lives in the city…


Me: Do you know the minimum framerate for FarmVille?

Next thing I saw was the back of his head. But I bounced back! I always try to keep a little self-esteem in my back pocket.


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