How to make a blood orange sidecar

I may die being better with a shaker than I am with an oven.

Ingredients for 1

Sugar (for the rim of the glass)
Orange slice (for garnish)
1.5 oz Cognac/brandy
.75 oz Cointreau (I made several, and we liked Cointreau over TripleSec)
.5 oz Fresh squeezed blood orange juice (this requires about one orange)

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  1. Frost glass by first rubbing orange slice around the rim (it’s cute! it’ll be a dark pink color.)
  2. Dip rim into a plate of sugar
  3. Fill shaker with ice
  4. Add cognac/brandy, Cointreau, and orange juice to shaker
  5. Shake it like a Polaroid picture!
  6. Strain into glass
  7. Done and done.

    This recipe was adapted from InStyle magazine, December 2009.