How to make a blood orange sidecar

I may die being better with a shaker than I am with an oven.

Ingredients for 1

Sugar (for the rim of the glass)
Orange slice (for garnish)
1.5 oz Cognac/brandy
.75 oz Cointreau (I made several, and we liked Cointreau over TripleSec)
.5 oz Fresh squeezed blood orange juice (this requires about one orange)

Agh. Inconsistent sig figs!


  1. Frost glass by first rubbing orange slice around the rim (it’s cute! it’ll be a dark pink color.)
  2. Dip rim into a plate of sugar
  3. Fill shaker with ice
  4. Add cognac/brandy, Cointreau, and orange juice to shaker
  5. Shake it like a Polaroid picture!
  6. Strain into glass
  7. Done and done.

    This recipe was adapted from InStyle magazine, December 2009.

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  1. This is how I make mine at home – using the fresh juice of one whole blood orange. However, a local restaurant and cocktail bar makes a DEE-LISH blood orange sidecar using blood orange puree. This makes for a “thicker” (and darker) cocktail than the thin ones I make at home with real blood orange juice. Blood orange puree can be found for sale online.


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