One serious strike out

Lately I’ve worked long hours to help with Google TV in addition to Search. While I truly love my job, I also very much love not working, and perhaps I’ve been a little too heads down recently.


Anyway, this one belongs in my trophy case.


Boy: Are you here by yourself?

Me: Yes, but only right now. I’m waiting for my girlfriend. I mean, not my “girlfriend,” but my friend from childhood. She’s a girl.
Good save, Maile!
What about you?

Boy: I’m here for a company thing. It’s a coworker’s birthday.

Me: How fun that you’re all friends! What company?
Ugh. I shouldn’t have asked about his job. Now I probably sound like I’m sizing him up.

Boy: Zynga.

Zynga? Yay! This is so perfect. I have lots of Zynga questions for Google TV. This is perfect perfect perfect!
Me: Zynga. That’s great. Hey, are most of your games in Flash?

Boy: I think so.

Hmm, “think so?” I wonder what he means. Maybe I should change the subject. I could ask him if he likes his cocktail, or what he’s drinking, or if he lives in the city…


Me: Do you know the minimum framerate for FarmVille?

Next thing I saw was the back of his head. But I bounced back! I always try to keep a little self-esteem in my back pocket.


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7 Replies to “One serious strike out”

  1. Wow. I know this situation entirely too well and to be honest, it was an opportunity you couldn’t pass up! With that said, “Think so” was definitely an opening to discuss your favorite Farmville crop, but I would have been way more awkward. Sigh.


  2. Sorry to hear about your not so happy chat, but it does provide most excellent blog fodder. I’m sure he’s not good enough for you anyhow, etc., etc…! xx


  3. When he turned his head, that’s when you retaliate and tell him flash is a dying language and just start chanting html5. Watch him scream, works for employees of adobe too.


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