Reproductively focused “blathering idiots”

My team recently moved from the Android building to the new posh office space right across the creek from main campus. In our big microkitchen, I enjoyed talking with one of my new neighbors. Later that night he sent this really funny email that referenced an equally funny study:

Hi Maile,


Fun chatting with you today. It got me thinking about this report on a study I read, where guys have a tendency to be reduced to blathering idiots when they are talking to an attractive girl. And I was totally doing that today! I promise, I’m usually extraordinarily eloquent and charming.


The same study said that girls aren’t affected by chatting to handsome men, so I’m not surprised that you didn’t change. haha


See ya.

2 Replies to “Reproductively focused “blathering idiots””

  1. Is there any, er, I mean, does the study’s results apply, to say, er, typing blog replies to, um, beautiful, I mean, attractive women?


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